Celebrating the new year as a parent can seem a little daunting, especially as little ones bedtimes have to be taken into account. But taking the time to bring in the new year as a family creates lots of fantastic memories that you will cherish forever. Here at Birdkids we have 6 New Years Eve ideas that you can do with your child right in the comfort of your very own home. So bring out the snacks and start to count down as you bring in the new year with your kids. happy new year 1) New Years Eve Pyjama Party With all of the excitement of fireworks exploding in the distance and some neighbours throwing their own party it can be difficult to get children off to bed. Having a pyjama party helps children to settle down as you eat snacks and watch one of your favourite films, bringing in the new year without any tired little ones in the morning. 2) Add A Bit Of Sparkle What is New Years Eve without a little bit of glitz? Create some fun decorations with sequins to really make the most of the occasion. Children will also love getting involved with preparing your very own little party. 3) Show The Year In Pictures Make a short slide show of the year that you have had and snuggle up together as you relive those amazing moments. You'll be surprised how the children have grown. 4) Play Games No matter how small your party, it is always lovely to play some games. Dig out your favourite board game from Christmas or even play hide and seek. All of this fun will stick in your child's memory and realise the magic of new year. 5) Create Some Fun Snacks Hotdogs, chocolate, popcorn, no matter what your child enjoys let them have a little on New Years Eve. For even more fun, allow them to help you get it all prepared so they feel a sense of pride when it is served. 6) Pretend It's Midnight Depending on the age of your little one, midnight may need to be celebrated a little earlier so there aren't any tired toddlers on New Years Day. Just before bedtime have a toast and bring in the New Year with your little one so they don't feel as though they have missed out on the big count down. Have a Happy New Year!
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