Take a look at our collection of baby "Clothing Plasters” by Jennie Maizels. A delightful selection of beautifully embroidered, iron-on fabric patches, they are the perfect solution for clothes that need mending. Jennie Maizels went to the Central St. Martins School of Art where she studied Illustration. Working as a Children’s book illustrator with author Katy Petty, Jennie has been extremely successful selling over a million copies worldwide and nominated for many awards, including Children’s book of the year in 1999. Extending her collection Jennie now offers a selection of cookery books and her infamous Clothes Plasters. Available as sets in beautiful tin boxes or in individual packets, these clothes plasters are very easy to iron-on, resilient to washing and are perfect for mending babies and children's clothes. They also make great clothing accessories that both adults and children love. This ‘Pink Stripy Tin’ of 10 clothes plasters would make a perfect gift for any little girl. The set includes 10 colourful patches featuring Jennie’s wonderful illustrations, such as a Fairy, a Russian Doll a Flamingo and a Love Heart. Simply ironed on to any item of baby clothing, these plasters will brighten up any outfit and cover up any holes or stains. For the boys, the ‘Blue Cloudy Tin’ of 10 clothes plasters has everything your little guy will love to wear on his clothes, such as a Robot, a Pirate, a Space Rocket and a Dinosaur. Great stocking fillers, these plasters make a great gift for any occasion and allow you to create a unique item of clothing. Many adults will enjoy these clothing plasters too, this set of ‘Flaming Dice’ are perfect for repairing any old jeans or t-shirts while adding a touch of colour.

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