If your older kids have gone back to school and you still have the younger ones at home, invest in some great educational toys and give them an opportunity to learn as they play. Educational toys such as role-playing sets, building blocks, number games and even plastic animals are perfect for building hand-eye coordination, language and social skills and your kids might just learn to count along the way! Far more advanced than the educational toys that were available to us as children, the toys of today are bright, colourful and most importantly – great fun to play with. A great example would be the beautiful wooden tea set from Djeco’s role-playing collection. It comes complete with all the accessories you need to hold a tea party for your dolls and teddy bears (including wooden tea bags!), and is a well disguised educational toy. I have yet to meet a child who does not love to play with this set, and it is a great opportunity for you to interact with your kids on their level. I just wish it had been around some 30 years ago! One item that was around when we were kids, but has been greatly improved over the years is the wooden pullout puzzle. A brightly coloured wooden board with large pieces, it is great for improving coordination and your children will discover different shapes and sizes along the way. This beautiful Sea Animals set is also from Djeco’s educational toys collection and would make the perfect gift for any child. Stock up on all your educational toys now, and have fun with your kids on those wet and windy autumn days ahead.
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