Well the summer holidays are almost over and while I definitely think my children are ready to head back to school, it has been nice to have them around! Next week I will be busy organising new school uniforms, new school bags and making sure that they have all the books and writing materials that they need for the new term, so the only thing left to sort out is a new lunch box. I prefer to give my children a packed lunch rather than school dinners, as they are somewhat fussy eaters, and at least this way I know they are getting a balanced diet. Fortunately, there are some great lunch boxes out there so finding one that is “cool” and that my children do not mind taking out in front of their friends is easy. Blafre a Norwegian company, have recently designed a wonderful collection of food boxes that children of all ages seem to love. Retro inspired, their tin lunch boxes are just the right size for a packed lunch and they have matching drink bottles. Easy to wipe clean, all the items in this collection carry the CE marking and have been approved for carrying food items. In a variety of different animal designs and colours, it is easy to find one that your child will love and as they are made from tin, they are durable and will last right through the winter term. If your children are older and do not want to carry a lunch box with a handle, treat them to one of Blafre’s simple sandwich tins. It will fit conveniently into their school bag and keep their lunch cool and fresh until the bell goes. A great selection of back to school items, discover the Blafre range and make your kids the “coolest” in their class.
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