There is nothing like a cute pair of baby shoes to complete your little ones outfit. Keeping their feet warm while protecting their tiny toes, baby shoes are the perfect addition to your baby clothing collection. Perhaps the hardest thing about baby shoes is keeping them in place! Easily kicked off when our babies are feeling boisterous, we need to buy shoes with some added protection so we get home with a complete pair at the end of the day. These delightful, light pink “Juggy Boots” by Tip Toey Joey are perfectly designed to stay in place. Specially designed for little girls between the ages of 0 and 24 months, these soft, non-restrictive shoes allow you baby’s feet to develop properly, while protecting their toes from the elements. Made from 100% genuine leather, these eye-catching shoes have thin rubber soles and a ‘stretching heel’ exclusive to the baby shoes in the Tip Toey Joey range. The unique ‘stretching heel’ helps the shoes to stay in place, while supporting your baby’s ankles. Specially designed to improve balance and posture, they give your baby great protection as they become more mobile. The natural leather material absorbs sweat and keep your child’s feet feeling fresh all day long; it is advisable to leave them to dry in fresh air overnight before using them again. These shoes clean easily with just a damp cloth and mild soapy water, so they remain looking like new for longer. Beautiful shoes for your baby by Tip Toey Joey!
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