If you are one of the many parents treating your kids to a bike this Christmas, then consider adding some bike safety equipment to your children’s gift pile. Around half of the bicycle-related accidents that end up in the emergency room each year involve children under the age of 16, and this number rises during the Christmas period when the number of kids with new bikes hit our roads, often without protection. A simple bike helmet could protect your child from a serious head injury, and there are now available in modern and fashionable designs that you kids will enjoy wearing. Crazy Stuff is a Danish company specialising in fun and quality, bike safety equipment for young children. Creating unique helmets that kids love to wear, their range contains fantastic animal designs that will protect your kids while they play. Suitable for both boys and girls, these safety helmets are also useful when your kids try out their new skateboard or roller-blades, and they adapt to fit heads of all sizes. Not just safety helmets, Crazy Stuff also offer a range of fun bicycle bells that attach simply to the handlebars. Fun and practical, your kids will love using these cool bells, and they might just avoid accidents by indicating their arrival to passersby. Finally, keep that expensive bike secure with a fantastic bike lock by Crazy Stuff and complete your safety outfit with one of these matching lock & key sets. The perfect children’s gift sets for those lucky enough to receive a bike this Christmas add some Crazy Stuff to your shopping list and keep your kids safe.
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