Here at Birdkids, we welcome all kinds of international brands from around the world to provide us with some fantastic children’s clothing. However, Bob & Blossom is proof that we can find some special home-grown talented designers in our own native country. Based and founded in London, Bob & Blossom specialise in supplying clothing for babies and young children. Founded in 2000, Bob & Blossom have come a long way in a short space of time. You will find their products stocked in many fabulous boutiques across the world with stockists ranging from Liberty and Harrods to small independent stores. In London, their quaint little shop is located along Columbia Road’s flower market. Bob & Blossom’s range of clothing depicts a simple and yet colourful splash of colour that makes their products distinctive amongst other brands. They are particularly renown for their tutus which are designed for young girls and are made with layers of chiffon and complete with a satin bow. Inspired by nature and childhood memories, their selection offers creative and high quality designs at an affordable price. Other stylish items in their collection include cotton t-shirts, hats and all-in-ones. In addition to children’s clothing, Bob & Blossom offer a charming selection of toys, gifts and accessories for babies and small children. These retro toys can mainly be found in their exclusive London store. Taking you back to your childhood, Bob & Blossom’s products have both a contemporary and nostalgic appearance that is always appreciated by both adults and children.
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