Every week on this blog, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at one of the fantastic brands who supply us with beautiful children’s clothes, toys or craft supplies. As you may know, our brands have so much character and incredibly interesting backstories; you may even find some gift inspiration or discover a new favourite brand! This week, we’re looking at Mini Rodini. A Swedish brand, they were founded in 2006 by Cassandra Rhodin. A wonderfully talented illustrator, she had no previous history in the fashion or textiles industries. Instead, she just had a strong interest in making children’s clothing and a passion for creating something different. She draws her inspiration from her great-great-grandfather: Brazil Jack Rhodin. He is one of Sweden’s most famous circus performers and is part of Sweden’s history. The excitement and escapism associated with the circus worked its way into Cassandra’s illustrations and designs, evident in the Petworth Knitted Sweater (pictured below) which features a panda in a top hat.

Image of Petworth Knitted Sweater in Beige  from Mini Rodini

The main ‘mission’ of Mini Rodini is to allow children to express their own creativity and humour. Directly quoted from their website, Mini Rodini “creates clothes that parents want to dress their kids in, and that kids love to wear”. I think that this fun and creative side is best summed up by the delightful Crocodile Sweater, in bright yellow (Below). Kids will simply love the bright colour of it, and the funky crocodile looks fantastic. Also, it’s a perfect piece for both girls and boys, making Mini Rodini a perfect brand for parents who want to avoid clothing that’s too “girly” or “just for boys”.

Image of Crocodile Sweater in Yellow  from Mini Rodini

As well as focusing on good design, Mini Rodini also ensures that their clothes are of the highest quality and can more than live up to any rough and tumble that your child may put them through. They use high quality, sustainable materials and a large part of their range is even made from organic cotton. All this adds up to create a truly fantastic brand of children’s clothes that is now sold in over 200 locations worldwide. Their popularity is astounding, with celebrity mums Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani and Kourtney Kardashian dressing their little ones in the latest Mini Rodini fashions.

Image of Grey Melange Shark Sweater  from Mini Rodini

if you like the look and the ethos behind Mini Rodini, be sure to check out the rest of their range over at the Bird Kids website. Also, be sure to let us know through Facebook or Twitter who you would like us to feature in our Brand Spotlight next week!
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