The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations take place from the 2nd June to the 5th, and it’s a great opportunity to plan lots of fun activities for your children to take part in. For starters, why not plan a Royal Party for your kids and all their friends? You can decorate the house beforehand with Engel’s fantastic Create Your Own Bunting. It’s really easy to do, and is a great way to keep the kids quiet while you take care of any other preparations. Then, all it takes is some red, white and blue paper plates and tablecloths, as well as some cucumber sandwiches and scones and you’re all set! For activities during the party, it’s a great idea to have the children make their own crowns. All you need to stock up on is coloured card, paints and glitter and you’re ready to go. I think that Djeco’s Gouache paints are fantastic as they’re really bold and bright. Also, try some of Djeco’s light modelling clay to make fun embellishments for the crowns. You could also use The Cooking Club For Kids great kits to create gingerbread queens and kings, and have fun icing them and using all sorts of tasty treats to decorate them. When it comes to games, traditional favourites like Pass The Parcel can be jazzed up by using royal-themed small gifts, like notebooks or purses with kings and queens on them. The Jubilee is also a great chance to teach your children about the history of the Royal Family. You could have a fun quiz or wordsearch afterwards. Whatever you’re planning to do for the Jubilee, let us know! You can leave us a comment on this blog, or drop us a line on our Facebook or Twitter pages!
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