Next time you buy a soft toy for your child, why not consider one of the many charitable options such as the RSPB singing birds by Wild Republic. Giving not once, but twice, these beautiful birds will not only appeal to your children, but they support the ongoing work of the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) who work tirelessly to protect the bird populations on our planet. An educational soft toy, the RSPB singing birds are available in a variety of different designs and each comes with its own authentic birdcall and a detailed information sheet about the species. A firm favourite with the little ones, this cute yellow chick lets out its authentic chick call every time you squeeze, and the label has some interesting information that your children will love to read. A park time favourite, this Mallard Duck is cute, colourful and makes a lovely quacking sound when squeezed that your children will soon learn to mimic. Wonderful Christmas stocking fillers, these soft toys are great for your children’s friends, nieces and nephews. Perhaps the most common wild bird in the UK today, the House Sparrow is instantly recognisable, as is its sweet birdcall. By teaching our children about these delicate creatures, we may help prolong their existence as we all become more aware of their habits and needs. The most colourful soft toy in the RSPB singing bird collection, the singing Goldfinch is an attractive bird with an unusual birdcall. Bright, beautiful and perfect for every child, this pretty bird would make a great bedroom decoration. A percentage of the proceeds from these lovely soft toys goes to the RSPB, making them cute, cuddly and most importantly - charitable.
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