Choosing a children’s gift that is both beautiful and practical is the perfect combination, and when kids get to a certain age, something special for their bedroom is always a popular. Our beautiful collection of kid’s room accessories is full of children’s gift ideas, designed brighten up their bedroom in an instant. From cushions and blankets to nightlights and wall decorations, we have it all, and you can redecorate your kid’s room without reaching for a paintbrush! A great duvet cover will turn bedtime into a fun time and is perfect for those children new to sleeping alone. The lovely organic cotton duvet and pillowcase sets from the Katvig collection combine beautiful colours with their trademark ‘Apple’ design, to brighten up bedtime. A lovely children’s gift, it will encourage your kids to stay in their own bed and they might even make it in the morning! Cute cushions are another great children’s gift idea, and they have many different uses. Not just for decorating your kid’s bedroom, they are also ideal for snuggling up on the couch when watching a movie, and make a great travelling companion when you have a long ride ahead. The cushions in the Becky Bauer collection are available in two different designs, a rabbit and a cat, which will appeal to kids of all ages. Nightlights are perfect for kids who are afraid of the dark, providing a subtle background light that will give them the confidence to sleep alone. A wonderful children’s gift idea, the nightlights in the Egmont collection are both decorative and practical. Available in a variety of different designs such as polar bears, mushrooms, rabbits and ducks, these adorable bedroom accessories will add just the right amount of light to help your kids to drop off into dreamland. So brighten up your child’s world with a wonderful selection of children’s gifts for the bedroom, and take the tears out of bedtime.

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