If your kid’s bedrooms are in need of a makeover, why not combine their next birthday gift with a fun accessory such as some wall art, a new night light, some cushions or perhaps a new duvet cover, and turn a great gift into some much-needed decoration! Children’s gifts are not limited to toys and games, and when our kids reach a certain age I believe they enjoy receiving something for their bedroom far more than another jigsaw puzzle or box of sweets, so it is the perfect opportunity for mums and dads to combine a birthday present with a kid’s room accessory. Our hugely popular wall art collection by Roald Dahl & Quentin Blake is brightening-up kid’s bedrooms across the country, with prints of our favourite comic characters such as Bunty, Desperate Dan and the naughty but lovable Dennis the Menace. Beautiful canvas prints, they feature exact replicas of the original comic covers, and will look stunning on a child’s bedroom wall.

If your child feels more secure with a night light, why not treat them to one of the gorgeous lamps in our Egmont collection. Available in a range of fun designs such as a Polar bear, a Toadstool and a duck, they make a wonderful children’s gift and come complete with a 10W bulb.

Simple decorations such as pop-up wall art and bunting found in the Djeco collection will brighten up a child’s bedroom in an instant. With no glue, no nails and no damage to your walls to worry about these fun children’s gift ideas will mount to virtually any surface with just blue-tack or tape. The perfect children’s gift for Easter, Birthdays or even Valentine’s Day, this soft and squidgy rabbit cushion by Becky Baur will brighten up every kid’s room, and your child will have cuddles on demand. Finally, with this Siberian cold front we are experiencing at the moment, your kid’s may benefit from an extra layer on their beds at night, so the stunning 100% eco-wool blankets in the Klippan collection would make the perfect children’s gift. Available in a range of different colours and designs, these beautiful blankets will be perfect for picnics in the garden once summer arrives!
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