A children’s birthday party need not be a headache! With a great selection of children’s toys and games you can keep even the most excited kids under control, and spend a fun afternoon celebrating your child’s special day.
Games that we loved as children such as “Pin the tail on the Donkey” and “Musical chairs” are just as popular today and they were yesteryear, and are a great way to get the children to play together.
If your child is celebrateing their birthday during the school holidays, why not take advantage of the warmer weather and take the party outside. The kids will be able to burn off their pent up energy playing ball games such as football or perhaps the more gentle bowls, and you get to hold a party without messing up the house – perfect!
A great outdoor game, albeit one that can leave you with wet children is “Fishing Ducks” by Djeco. You simply fill a paddling pool half way with water and set the ducks afloat; using the fishing rods provided the children then take it in turns to fish out the ducks. A fun children’s toy, this game is suitable for children as young as two years so it is great if you have a mixed age group. Musical Statues, egg hunts (they work all year – not just Easter!) and a great selection of party food will make your children’s birthday party one to remember, and you might enjoy it more than you think. Invest in a great selection of children’s toys and games for your child’s party, and make it a stress free day for all.
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