Brrr! December has arrived and it seems to have brought the cold winter winds with it! While I enjoy the winter months, I don’t like being cold so it is definitely time to dig out the scarves, gloves and of course, a nice warm hat. Encouraging the kids to wear hats always used to be a problem until I came across the fantastic collection of hats by Austrian brand Eisbär. Fun, funky and in a range of ‘child friendly’ styles, the kids can’t wait to put them on, and now my problem is trying to get them to take them off again! The Eisbär brand is well known and much loved in Austria, and they are one of the main sponsors and suppliers to the national Austrian ski team. The unique designs and quality materials used to make these hats as promoted their popularity across the continent, and now kids all over the world are enjoying these fun hats. One for your little devil perhaps, this lovely Christy Skipool hat comes complete with fluffy grey hair and two horns! It looks great, children love wearing it and most importantly, it comes down over the ears to keep your kids extra warm and cosy. The Norgum Lapland hat from the Eisbär collection is another favourite of mine, and my daughter absolutely loves wearing it. Made from a blend of 50% Merino wool and acrylic, it is extremely warm and has a lovely faux fur trim along the front and down the sides. Great for winter sporting activities like skiing, or simply for walking to school, this lovely hat would make a great gift for any child this Christmas. What initially looks like a boring grey hat, the Penny Skipool hat comes alive with a fantastic tuft of bright blue hair. Fun, fashionable, warm and toasty, this great hat is comfortable to wear and both boys and girls enjoy the novelty factor. So wrap up warm this winter and do so in style with a fantastic hat from the Eisbär collection!
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