Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to get out the craft sets and make some decorations with your kids. While you may not wish to hang these delightful crape paper decorations in your lounge, they will brighten up your kid’s bedrooms and are perfect for spreading the Christmas cheer right though your home. Simple crafts for kid’s sets such as paints, glitter, felt-tip pens and stickers, combined with some paper and sellotape are all you need to create a festive masterpiece, and the look of pride your child’s face makes it all worthwhile. Ideal for the younger children, these finger painting tubes by Djeco limit the amount of paint that squeezes out, getting more on the paper than down your curtains! In great festive colours of red and green, your little ones can use their fingers to paint their favourite Reindeer or Christmas tree, and as they are completely washable, any ‘little accidents’ will simply wash away. These classic felt-tip brushes from Djeco’s crafts for kid’s collection will help your older kids to create something a little more detailed. The fine and soft nib allows for drawings that are more accurate and they come in a range of bright and beautiful colours. While messy, glitter is a great accessory for Christmas decorations, and your kids will love creating sparkly pictures to hang on their bedroom walls. From the same crafts for kid’s collection, these beautiful glitter board sets by Djeco contain everything your child needs to create four different pictures, and guarantees to keep them occupied for the entire afternoon. Christmas is all about the children so make the most of it this year and create some festive memories with crafts for kids.
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