It seems like five minutes since the kids went back school after the summer holidays, and yet in just three weeks time they are off again for half term! I am hoping that this glorious weather is going to last until then, but realistically the chances are not that good, so preparing for a week of rain is going to be helpful. As Christmas is not that far away, I do not want to spend a fortune of kid’s activities for half term, and will instead invest in a great selection of crafts for kids that will keep my little ones busy. Crafts for kids are not only educational, but are reasonably priced too, and they will keep your children entertained for hours. Painting sets, origami sets, colouring-in books and pencils are all items favoured by my kids, and it is a great opportunity to encourage their creativity – and turn off the TV! So stock up on all your crafts for kids now and be prepared for half term whatever the weather.
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