Well mum’s and dad’s, I hope you are ready for the upcoming school summer holidays! With most regions getting a full six-week summer break this year, we need to organise plenty of activities to keep our kids busy. While the weather has been quite promising lately, it is inevitable that we are going to get some wet and windy days during that summer break, so the children will need some indoor activities to keep them occupied (and out of trouble!) when outdoor play is not possible. Crafts for kids are a great way to spend a rainy afternoon, with so many different arts and crafts to choose from, you can easily find something to suit any child of any age, without blowing your budget. Colouring books have always been a favourite among our family and my kids will happily spend an hour or two colouring in their favourite cartoon characters or superheroes. Perhaps the most cost effective craft for kids, a great colouring book and a set of colourful pencils or felt tips can cost less than £10.00, and it is something can be used repeatedly. Painting is another favourite pastime for children, and a great opportunity to bring out their creative side, while encouraging them to use their imaginations. Simple paints and some plain paper will work well, or you could invest in one of the great painting sets now available in many crafts for kid’s ranges. Finger painting, painting by numbers and face painting guarantee to make a rainy afternoon a fun one! Another low cost craft for kids – stickers. Children love to stick, stickers in a book, on their bedroom wall, on toys, on your fridge (you might want to scrap the last one!) and they will happily spend hours being creative with a great selection of bright and colourful stickers. Fortunately, most stickers are removable and designed to be used over and over again, so you never have to worry about them becoming a permanent fixture in your home. So enjoy your school summer holidays with some great crafts for kids.
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