Kids love nothing more than to spend an afternoon painting a “stunning” piece of artwork for your fridge, or perhaps more favourable, their bedroom wall! I think painting is the perfect craft for kids, relatively inexpensive, you can purchase a great set of paints or a ‘painting by numbers’ kits online, add some paper, some sweets and your children and their friends, and you a guaranteed an enjoyable afternoon. Children’s paints are now washable, so any ‘little accidents’ can easily be washed out, and you don’t have to worry about your child getting paints on their clothes or the furniture. Furthermore, children’s paints have never been safer, when buying from a high quality children’s toy retailer you can be confident that they meet the EU child safety standard. This ‘Chirp Chirp’ set by Djeco is delightful. Especially designed for little hands and smaller fingers this kit includes eight large format background sheets, four bottles of brightly coloured paints, two paint brushes and eight paper pallets. A craft for kids, it has been designed to teach children how to mix colours, and comes with a beautifully illustrated instruction booklet that will guide your child as they paint. Finger painting is a craft that children of all ages can enjoy, taking away the need for any ‘tricky’ paintbrushes your child can get busy with this great 6 Finger Paint Tubes set by Djeco. Containing six, 75ml paint tubes in vibrant primary colours, you just need to add some large sheets of paper and perhaps an apron! For older children that are looking for something a bit more demanding, this ‘Brightly Coloured Animals Paint-by-Numbers’ set is perfect for encouraging them to be creative. The set comes complete with four illustrated plates that have easy to follow numbers, 10 pots of paint and 2 brushes. Your child will learn how to paint-by-numbers, following the easy to use, step-by-step instruction booklet.

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