As the weather over the summer is so unpredictable, you need an activity to keep the kids entertained in rain or shine. A creative activity will not only keep your children occupied, it will also help them to learn some new constructive skills rather than utilising electronic games. Here at Birdkids, we’re passionate about your children’s best interests and offer a range of entertaining arts and crafts. Whether it’s painting, colouring or building workshops, we’re sure to have the perfect item for your child. Drawing and Colouring For all the budding artists out there, our selection of drawing and colouring stationery is a great way to get creative and produce something that’s personal to your kids. Developing your child’s imagination, artistic skills and individuality, your children can be kept entertained for hours. image of Felt Tip Double Ended Pens - 10 New Colours Painting There is no better way to make the most of colour than painting a beautiful picture. Painting sets are extremely popular with kids as it gives them the creative freedom they desire. Ranging from art guides to paint supplies to painting workshops, there is no doubt your kids will find something spectacular to paint. Paper Craft & Origami Based on the Japanese art, origami is a fantastic way for kids to use a hands-on approach when being creative. Working with materials such as card, felt, paper or jewellery, you can ensure that your children will remain safe in their craft projects. In addition, origami boasts a variety of choices in our products and online, so your children will never grow short of options. image of Paper Workshop - Kirigami Balls Stickers As we know that children can get messy when it comes to sticky items, we stock a fabulous range of sticker collections each with their own style and design to keep them away from the walls around the house! Ranging from horses to knights to countries, you are sure to find a theme to please your child. Craft Kits For those who prefer an element of practicality in their playtime, our range of craft kits include hanging decorations, craft cards and mosaics. Aimed at children between 6-11 years, your children can optimise their artistic skills while learning to follow sets of instructions. In addition, we’d like to recommend the fantastic selection of Calafant cardboard toys which are easy to build, decorative and wonderful to play with. This range has been proven to significantly develop the creativity of children. Of all the activities out there for your children’s entertainment, these creative activities are sure to keep the kids active and occupied for hours. Browse through our wide range to find a gift to suit whatever your child’s interests.