Can you believe it is almost August? Where the first part of this year has gone, I have no idea, but we are in the middle of summer and the holiday season is upon us. Perhaps one of the nicest things about summer is that we can pack away all our heavy winter clothing and bring out lighter, brighter summer fashion that not only feels good – but looks good too!
While I try to dress my kids in colourful clothing throughout the year, summer is always a great excuse to mix and match a selection of brightly coloured baby clothing in cool summer shades. The days of pale pink, lemon and baby blue are long gone, and while some might prefer more traditional items, there is now a great selection of cute and colourful summer baby clothing available for those who are looking for something fun and fashionable.
During the warmer months baby clothing made from natural fibres feel more comfortable and allow the skin to breathe. Organic cotton is a popular choice and many items are now made from this wonderfully soft material. T-shirts, shorts, dresses and sun hats are great summer items that you can never have enough of, and with many summer sales now hitting our online retailers it is a great time to stock up on baby clothing for the season.
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