Everybody loves soft toys; cute and cuddly creatures that are pleasing to the eyes and to the touch, they often become our best friend and lifelong companion. Soft toys make great gifts for any occasion, be it a christening gift, a birthday gift or a “Welcome” gift for new babies, they are suitable for everyone, no matter how young or old. Perhaps the most popular soft toy, the Teddy Bear has been around for over a hundred years and will never go out of fashion. A plush, stuffed bear makes a beautiful decoration to any child’s bedroom, which makes it my personal gift of choice. This FLATOUT Bear is a modern version of the classic teddy bear. Made from 100% pure sheepskin, it is extremely soft and very comforting. Meeting International toy safety standards, each bear in the FLATOUT collection has been cut out by hand, and fitted with ‘baby safe’ eyes and nose that have been CE tested. Easy to care for, these teddy bears can be hand washed with warm water and left to dry naturally, in the shade. Each FLATOUT bear carries a “Please phone home” label, which has just enough room for your name and telephone number – so your favourite bear will always come home! These bears have proven to be very popular in the celebrity world, and with so many different colours and sizes to choose from, they would make the perfect gift for a collector.
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