Considering we are still in January I was pretty surprised to see the first Easter advertisement on TV last night, but there is was promoting Easter Bunny chocolates a mere 10 or so weeks before the event! While I think that may be taking it a little too far, I must say I am definitely looking forward to the spring and cannot wait to pack away these drab winter coats and start dressing in more summery fashion. If like me, you love to dress your little ones in bright and colourful summer fashion then you will be pleased to know that many designers have already released their spring/summer baby clothing collections. Cute dresses, colourful sleep-suits and mix and match basics like t-shirts, leggings, hats and bibs are available to order online, so you can start working on that summer wardrobe while stuck indoors with drab winter weather. I absolutely love the new line of Romper suits by Organics for kids, and the make wonderful gifts for newborns. Available in a whole range of colours and featuring fun designs such elephants and birds they are suitable for both boys and girls and as they are made of 100% organic cotton they are soft and easy to wash. If you are looking for some high quality t-shirts for your kids then look no further than the Toby Tiger collection. Fantastic designs combined with quality materials, they look great and kids enjoy wearing them so it is no surprise that this brand of baby clothing has quite a celebrity following.

When it comes to basic’s you really cannot go wrong with the Limo Basics collection of t-shirts, leggings, trousers and hats. Staple items for any new baby’s wardrobe these bright and beautiful pieces are made of a cotton & polyester mix and come in a whole collection of different sizes and colours. So if you feel the winter blues coming on, get your laptop out and start shopping for some summery baby clothing, I guarantee it will cheer you up and you will have the best-dressed tot in spring!
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