Click here to take a look at our Djeco collection, designed just for children. If you have not discovered the Djeco range of toys and games, then you have been missing-out on the best-kept secret in Toy land! A Paris based company; Djeco is quickly becoming one of the best-known toymakers within Europe due to its ever-expanding range of wonderful games, mobiles and educational toys. Djeco company owner, Frederick Michel Dales took the family business over from his mother in the early 1990s. Since then, Djeco has grown tremendously, regularly adding new toys and games to their collection throughout the year. The toys and games from the Djeco range are built to last, and are made with only the best quality materials; all of the items in this collection feature beautiful illustrations by the talented and creative team at Djeco. Before hitting our shelves, every toy and game goes through rigorous testing to ensure it will meet the expectations of a child as well as the standards of toy manufacturers.
This ‘My House’ Observation Jigsaw Puzzle is a perfect example of Djeco’s work. A fun, 35-piece puzzle that once completed features a house full of people enjoying different activities. Rich in detail and full of hidden surprises, this creative puzzle helps develop the observation skills of children as they play.
A classic game with a modern twist this ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ game is something for the whole family to enjoy. The game includes a large Donkey poster, 16 Donkey Tails and a blindfold. For those new to the game, the idea is to pin the tail onto the Donkey poster while blindfolded – the person closest to the right spot wins! Guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face, this Djeco game is perfect for birthday parties for children aged 4 to 40!
Djeco are big on arts and crafts, and offer plenty of these in their collection. The ‘Paper Toys Dragons & Chimera’ is a great kit of self-assembly mythical models. Made for children, the models in this kit are easy to assemble and come with an easy to follow instruction booklet. Once completed, your child will be the proud owner of a collection of 3D dragons and Chimera models that will create hours of fun. Click here to take a look at our Djeco collection, designed just for children.
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