It may still be September (just), but like me, many parents will already be thinking about their Christmas shopping list to avoid the dreaded last minute shopping in overcrowded, understaffed high street stores. Since the wonderful ‘world wide web’ has become available, I have never looked back and do practically 90% of my shopping on line. No long queues, no traffic jams and no closing times to worry about, online shopping can make you life that little be easier - so make a coffee, slip into something comfortable and shop from the comfort of your own couch! Buying gifts for your own children can be costly, but as any parents will know, it does not stop there. Your children will want to give their own friends gifts, cousins, godchildren and your own friend’s kids will all look for something on Christmas morning, and so the list goes on and on. With this in mind, we have recently updated our Djeco collection to include great range of children’s gifts for under £10. A perfect example would be this lovely 3D Paper Space Craft kit. It contains all the pieces your kids need to make five model spaceships, and comes complete with a colourful instruction booklet. Guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment, this amazing set costs just £5.95. From the Djeco arts and crafts for kid’s collection, these bright and colourful pots of modelling clay appeal to kids of all ages. Non-toxic and quick drying, this clay is great for building dolls, animals or flowers, and encourages kids to use their imagination and creativity. At just £9.95, it is the perfect gift for the children of relatives and friends. Djeco puzzles are perhaps the best available today, and my kids adore the Silhouette puzzles in this collection. The box itself is a piece of art that will look lovely in your child’s bedroom, and it is great for keeping all the pieces together. At just £9.95 these jigsaw puzzles offer excellent value and would make a wonderful gift for any child. The Djeco collection is vast and they cater for kids of all ages, so discover this wonderful toy manufacturer and do your shopping online today!

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