With the madness and mayhem that goes with Christmas and Boxing Day finally over, it is time to get back to some sense of reality and return to our daily lives. If you are one of the lucky ones you may have a few days left before returning to work, but for the rest of us today is a regular working day and it is time to get back to it. The Christmas holidays can be a difficult time for working parents as our child carers go on annual leave and our friends and family are often away visiting relatives, so who looks after the kids? If your place of work does not provide childcare facilities, why not do what I do and stock up on a range of fun toys and games, plenty of sweets and enrol the help of the grandparents! Most grandparents are happy to help and love spending quality time with the kids, but entertaining toys and games are a vital part of the ‘deal’, so you might want to visit the Djeco section of our online store before going any further. Djeco is a French toy manufacturer, specialising in high quality children’s toys, games, puzzles, educational role-playing toys and bedroom decorations. Entertaining and imaginative, the toys and games in the Djeco collection are beautifully illustrated, and each item is rigorously tested before reaching one of Djeco’s highly decorative boxes, to ensure it meets a child’s expectations as well as all safety standards. A fine example would be one of Djeco’s jigsaw puzzles, perfect for the colder winter months when we prefer to stay indoors. Decorative, creative and available to suit children of all ages, these boxed puzzles are easy to transport to and from Granddads house, and will keep the kids occupied for hours. The Djeco collection is available to order online and with many items costing less than £10, it is ideal for mums and dads on a budget.
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