Our babies and young children learn much of what they know from watching and imitating the adults around them. Simple everyday activities such as shopping, cooking and cleaning all have an impact on your child's life skills and education, and during their first years and they learn at an amazing rate. Role Playing toys provide children with the opportunity to mimic their parents or carer’s behaviour as they play. A perfect educational toy, role-playing sets encourage children to use their imagination and be creative as there are no rules to follow, so their communication and social skills develop naturally. What would you like to be when you “grow up”? is a common question we ask our children, so giving them role-playing toys that relate to a profession may help them decide what career path they wish to follow. Unfortunately, my career of choice did not come to fruition, and I remember being quite disappointed when I discovered that being a Fairy was not a full time career!
The educational toys available today are impressive, and this delightful Veterinary role-playing toy by Djeco is a fine example. A fantastic Veterinary kit, it is full of all the accessories your child will need to look after their favourite teddy bears and toys. Including bandages, plasters, a thermometer, a needle and pretend medical charts, your child will spend hours wrapping limbs and taking temperatures (you might want to keep the Cat out of the way!), and all the items are kept in a bright red and white “doctors case”. Learning while they play, this veterinary set will create hours of fun and entertainment and would make a perfect gift for any child. Educational toys need not be boring, let your child learn as they play with Role Playing toys.
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