With Christmas looming our stores are packed with children’s toys, games, DVD’s and ‘child friendly’ mobile phones, and the pressure on mums and dads to buy the latest trends is high. While the reports vary, it seems the average parent will spend over £200 on each child this Christmas, but are we buying our children the right gifts? Computer games may be ‘all the rage’ but do they benefit our kids in any way, or simply occupy them while we get on with something else? Maybe I am ‘old-fashioned’ but I much prefer to invest in quality children’s toys that are both educational and encourage our kids to use their imaginations and actually ‘play’. Fun, educational toys stimulate the mind of our younger children and can then permanently boost their brain function for later life. Learning as they play, there is no stress involved and they benefit without even realising it. Role-playing sets such as those found in the Djeco collection, are highly entertaining and fun educational toys that our younger girls and boys love to play with. Building their social and language skills while improving hand-eye coordination, they offer a multitude of benefits and allow you to interact with your kids at their level. Puzzles and board games are another great example of an ‘educational toy’, that teach children to count, read and spell as they play. Perfect for those with more than one child at home, a board game will encourage your kids to play together and turn a ‘boring’ afternoon into a family afternoon of fun. Not just for the younger ones, educational toys such as origami sets and model making kits will appeal to kid’s right through to their teenage years and are perfect for building coordination skills. The Djeco collection is full of great educational sets, and your children will achieve a great amount of satisfaction in building something they can play with afterwards. So invest wisely this Christmas and treat your kids to some great educational toys and games.
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