If your older children are heading back to school today while the little ones remain at home, why not take this opportunity to introduce some fun educational toys, and teach the younger kids as they play! Educational toys specifically designed to appeal to younger children are great teaching tools, and as they are entertaining and fun to play with, our children are blissfully unaware that they are learning! Building blocks are perhaps the first educational toy we introduce to our kids, and as there are no rules of play they are suitable for very young children. Brightly coloured, easy to grasp and fun to play with, building blocks are great for improving coordination skills, and you might be surprised at how quickly your children learn to recognise the different shapes and colours. Djeco is one of our favourite toy manufacturers, and the building blocks in their educational toy collection appeal to girls and boys of all ages. The ‘Funny’ stacking cube set includes 10 different sizes boxes, each featuring a different picture and a variety of different colours on all four sides of the cube. Suitable for children aged 12 months +, these great blocks are strong enough to withstand the most enthusiastic of play – and making learning fun! From the same great Djeco collection, this role-playing picnic toy boosts communication skills, hand-eye coordination, and encourages our kids to use their vivid imaginations! Copying mum or dad is something that all young children love to do, and with a few dolls and a favourite teddy bear, a role-playing set will turn a rainy afternoon into something much more fun. The great thing about educational toys is that there is no right or wrong way to use them, so our kids simply learn in a stress free way as they go about their play!

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