In my last blog, I talked about how imaginary friends should be encouraged as they help children become more creative. The same can be said for any kind of play that uses the imagination, such as role-play. Djeco produce some fantastic role-play sets, which I think kids will love.

Image of Tea Set Wooden Role Playing Set - Birthday Party  from Djeco

The Birthday Party Wooden Tea Set is gorgeous, and every little girl will really enjoy playing with it. Beautifully painted, the high-quality wood ensures that the set will last for years to come and could even be passed to a younger sibling.

Image of Food & Drink Wooden Role Playing Set - Fruits and Vegetables to Cut  from Djeco

Budding chefs will love playing with this Food & Drink Wooden Role Playing Set. The vegetables are stuck together with Velcro so that they can be ‘cut’, which is a fun little touch and it really adds to the immersion.

Veterinary Role Playing Toy - Bobodoudou  from Djeco

For any child that loves animals, this Veterinary Role Playing Toy is lots of fun. They’ll love looking after their stuffed toys, and the set is packed full of accessories to use… even bandages and plasters! These sets from Djeco really encourage kids to let their imaginations run wild when they’re playing with their friends, whether they’re real, imaginary or stuffed!
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