Djeco games and puzzles are, in my opinion, some of the best available on our market today. Beautifully illustrated and with easy to follow instructions, you can tell that these games were designed with children in mind, and kids of all ages love to play with these wonderfully fun games. For our tiny tots, this fantastic animal Lotto game is suitable for children as young as 2 years old. Part of Djeco’s educational toy collection, this toughened cardboard game will teach your kids about different animals and the habitats they live in, as they play. Brightly coloured pieces designed for tiny hands, this lovely boxed set contains 5 playing boards and 30 different animal cards. For slightly older children this Magnetic Fishing game by Djeco is perfect for building hand-eye coordination while having a whole load of fun! The idea of this colourful game is that each child takes it in turns to ‘fish out’ one of the magnetic fish. Complete with two fishing rods, 12 brightly coloured fish and a gorgeous storage box, I just wish this had been around some 30 years ago! The Casino Pirate Card game was designed with older kids in mind, aged 7 years +. A game of strategy and bluff, this fun card game will appeal to adults just as much as their kids, and is a great game for the family to play together. Beautifully illustrated and containing all the cards you need to complete the game, this is for true pirates only – but who will blink first! When I was a kid, pulling faces was considered ‘naughty’ but with this Djeco game it is obligatory! Grimaces Nutty Memory Game is designed for children aged 6 – 99 years, and I guarantee it will make you laugh. A game of memory, where players have to observe the funny face on their cards, and then master the art of the grimace, it is sure to brighten up even the rainiest of afternoons. The creative team at Djeco go one-step further when creating their games, to turn a simply toy into an afternoon of fun.

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