Many of my friends have told me that they find it harder to find the perfect children’s gift for boys than they do for girls. Perhaps it is because we see something pretty, flowery and cute and we automatically know that a little girl will love it, whereas for boys we need to think a little deeper. In honour of all our wonderful boys out there, I am sharing my very own “Wonder boys” wish list, and hope that it will give you some inspiration for the next time you are on the hunt for a great children’s gift. First on my son’s Birthday wish list is this delightful “Build & Decorate your own Robot kit” by Calafant. A great craft for kids, this robot slots together easily without the need for messy glue or tape. An illustrated manual will guide your child as he builds it, and once complete the Robot can be decorated with coloured pens, pencils and paints to create something unique. A great gift for boys, this robot is suitable for children aged 36 months to 36 years! The second spot goes to this Pathfinders Catapult by noted*, which is another kit designed to be assembled at home. Once completed this Catapult is an exact working replica of an infamous medieval siege engine. The kit is historically accurate, and made entirely of materials that would have been available back in medieval times such as wood, rope and leather. Slightly more complicated to assemble than the robot, this kit requires some adult supervision, so it is a great excuse to spend some quality time with your son. Fun and educational, I think this is a perfect children’s gift for boys. Last on the list, but by no means least (I have been assured!) is this “ultra cool” Superman T-Shirt by Fabric Flavours. Featuring a colourful illustration of DC Comics superhero Superman, this t-shirt carries slogans such as “You can’t beat Superman” and “man of steel” and of course it bears the official Superman logo on the sleeve. A great quality item, I was happy to find something like this on my son’s wish list. So there you have it, some great children’s gift ideas – just for boys!
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