The first snowdrops of the year are well in bloom, and we’ve seen the first Daffodils pushing their way up through the cold ground to mark the beginning of spring. I love using this time of the year to freshen up and add a bit of life back into our living space after the onslaught of Christmas and the grey January blues. I particularly love to do this to the kids bedrooms, as each year (or month rather!), their interests change, and lets be honest, sprucing up a child’s’ bedroom is so much more fun than our own, more serious adult bedrooms. They really seem to respond to this, and the excitement of having a couple of changes in their bedrooms keeps them happy right up until after bedtime. Of course, re-decorating every year is not an option, as well as hitting your wallet it costs valuable time. Instead, we use a couple of decorating tips and tricks to quickly and cheaply bring a bit of life back into an old room. Here’s a few of my favourites: Wall Stickers Easy to apply, long lasting and easy to remove without damaging your walls – just a few of the reasons why our household loves wall stickers. You can get them in pretty much any design, and there are some truly magical choices for children, which you can remove when they get bored and start liking pirates instead of animals. For little girls, one of our favourites is the Illuminated Fairy Djeco Wall Sticker. Colourful and beautifully illustrated, it adds magic and charm to any bedroom, and you cab get creative with your kids as the wall stickers can go on any way you choose. And if your little boy would appreciate something a little less girly, then our Pirate Djeco Wall Sticker is another stunning addition to a bedroom, complete with desert islands and parrots. Lighting These Toadstool Night Lights really add a wonderful charm to a room, even if they aren’t used as a nightlight! They give off a warm and subtle glow to comfort your little one through the dark nights, and look fantastic in the day time too. If you like the woodland/nature theme, then this Squirrel Night Light is another cute addition to the bedroom, and adds a softer glow than a traditional bright lamp. We simply love them. Decorations Why not make your little one’s room feel like a magical den with bunting and decorations hanging off the ceiling? We don’t think bunting should be restricted to parties, and love using them to bring a unique and original touch to bedrooms. There’s so much variety to choose from, with everything from traditional spotty bunting to funky prints and even crocheted designs. We hope these have given you some inspiration or motivation to get your home spruced up in spring and ready for the summer! From us all at Birdkids.

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