Today is the official day when everyone returns back to work, all the kids go back to school and we admit defeat when it comes to our new year’s resolutions. Well these things are made to be broken, so do not feel bad, simply work on your resolution list for next year! If like me you have younger kids at home, the winter months can be long and so I always try to stock up on a great selection of educational toys and crafts for kids to keep the little ones busy. Painting kits, colouring-in books, role-play sets and sticker books are perfect for younger children, and they do not cost a fortune. While we may rely on the TV for entertainment, traditional crafts for kids encourage our children to use their imaginations while being creative, and when it comes to educational toys like role-playing sets, they are kept active so any excess energy is burnt off and they are nice and sleepy when it comes to bedtime! So if your little ones are becoming a handful, introduce them to a whole range of fun and educational crafts for kids and encourage them create something beautiful, while you get back to your ironing!
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