Educational toys that teach or kids to count, write and learn the alphabet are great, but there is nothing like role-playing to boost your child’s social skills. A magical part of growing up, role-play allows children to live out their dreams, be a princess, a dinosaur, a doctor or simply just like mum or dad; role-play provides children with a unique opportunity to express themselves, and they learn along the way. No surprisingly then, many educational toys that line our toy store shelves are now based on role-play activities, with many child development experts praising their skill building properties. Just in time for Halloween, this fantastic role-play set from Djeco’s educational toy collection, contains everything your little witch or wizard needs to make a delicious witches’ brew! Made from durable wooden pieces, the cauldron, stirring spoon and spooky ingredients such as two eyeballs, a bone, a spider and a toad, are built to last, and will create hours of entertainment. Any Birthdays coming up? Then treat your kids to this delightful wooden tea set. A great educational toy, it features a teapot, cups & saucers, a sugar bowl and a scrumptious chocolate birthday cake, all placed on a flowery pink tray. Everything your child needs to hold their very own birthday party, just add a few teddy bears and some orange squash! You kids can have a picnic in all weathers with the lovely ‘My Picnic’ role-playing set by Djeco. Consisting of a picnic basket filled with plates, bowls, cutlery, a drinks jug, napkins and a blanket, this delightful educational toy includes all the items your little ones will need to have a fun afternoon with friends. Copying their superheroes (that is you by the way!) kids learn vital language and social skills, acquire confidence and use their imagination, so invest in some great educational role-playing toys and “let’s pretend!”
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