If you constantly have to deal with dirty shoes in the house, cold feet or slippery socks, then like mum Anna, you should check out Mocci moccasins. Anna discovered Swedish moccasins while bringing up her daughter Lea, and soon learnt that she couldn’t live without them!

Image of Apple of Your Eye Moccasin

Best described as halfway between a sock and a shoe, Moccis feature a cotton & Lycra patterned sock with a soft leather sole. They provide a non-slip footing, are not restrictive, and best of all they don’t fall off and get lost behind the sofa.

Image of So Lovely Moccasin

Anna designs all of the Moccis herself, creating bright and colourful moccasins that are sure to be loved by girls and boys of all ages. They are then handmade in Sweden from natural materials, right down to the finishing touches.

Image of The King Moccasin

Moccis make the perfect choice for busy mums and dads, and even busier toddlers!
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