Soft toys will never go out of fashion and most children love to cosy up to their favourite cute and cuddly teddy, doll or stuffed animal at bedtime. If you are choosing a soft toy as a gift for a child the choice can be overwhelming, they come in just about every shape, size and colour imaginable – and so we thought we would share some of our best sellers with you to give you some inspiration. The traditional soft toy is of course, the teddy bear, and no childhood is complete without one. Whether you prefer to go for an old-fashioned looking bear, or one of the newer more modern designs you really cannot go wrong. Our FLATOUT bears have been flying off the shelves this year, and it seems they are popular with children all over the world. Made in Australia from 100% sheepskin, these bears are perhaps the softest I have I felt and both children and adults alike cannot resist giving them a hug. The RSPB singing birds by Wild Republic also remain popular, and they are not only fun to play with but educational soft toys too. Each of these different, colourful birds makes an authentic recorded birdcall when squeezed, and come complete with information about the bird species. A percentage of the proceeds made from these lovely birds goes towards helping the RSPB, so you give in more ways than one. Popular with my own son, this lovely crocheted T-Rex dinosaur from the Best Years collection is considered “cool” and even the toughest of little boys love to cuddle up to him at bed time. Handmade from fair trade cotton, this lovely soft toy would make a great gift for any child. All of our soft toys meet all EU safety standards and have child safe eyes, nose and any other feature attached, so you can give with confidence and bring a smile to every child's face.
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