Good children’s stories stay with us far past childhood. We remember them well into our twenties, forties and hopefully, into our twilight years. The best children’s stories are those that connect with us as children, and continue resonating with us throughout our lives. Below are some of our favourite children’s stories which have stood the test of time.

Where The Wild Things Are

First published in 1963, Where the Wild Things Are is a beautifully illustrated book featuring 10 year old Max and his adventure to an untamed island, where creatures called the Wild Things live. Max befriends them, and becomes their leader, playing with them and having fun. He eventually has to leave, and returns home to a warm dinner. It’s a beautiful exploration of anger, and the place Max goes to escape his (briefly) unfriendly and unwanted reality. In 2009 it was made into a film which we highly recommend, perfectly capturing the magic and freedom our imaginations can hold.

The Giving Tree

A beautiful story that teaches us how to give of ourselves selflessly, and ultimately, how to love. The Giving Tree tells the story of a young boy who is loved by a tree, which gives him whatever he needs, whenever he wants it, whether this is shade, an apple or a place to play. As he grows up, the tree continues to give, until she is just a stump and can give no more. The young boy becomes an old man, and returns to the stump that was his apple tree, sorry for the selfishness of his demands. However, the tree now becomes a seat for him to rest, a companion for him even when it seems she has nothing left to give.

Guess How Much I Love You

A more recent book than the others, Guess How Much I Love You is a heart warming tale for parents and children alike. Little Nutbrown Hare and his father Big Nutbrown Hare are having the age old debate of who loves the other more. The book goes through all the ways that they out-do each other, right until the end when Little Nutbrown falls asleep. It’s a beautiful story of love, and the incredible bond between parent and child. It made me teary the first time I read it, and this is one that will stick around for a long time to come.

What are your favourite children’s stories?
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