Crafts for kids come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and remain popular with kids of all ages. Over the year some of our craft and arts sets have remained firmly atop of our best sellers list, and children across the country have enjoyed being creative and artistic with the delightful items in this collection. Drawing and colouring-in sets have always been popular crafts for kids, and it is something that even the younger kids can participate in. Something a little more ‘special’ than paper and pens, Djeco workshops provide kids with all the materials they need to draw their own Super Heroes, fashion shows, and a range of other unique pictures, which once completed, may be displayed with pride on their bedroom walls. These bright and colourful craft sets contain pre-printed templates, felt brush pens, stickers and a detailed instruction book. Guaranteed to occupy your kids for hours, they are perfect for those cold winter afternoons at home. Painting is another popular pastime for children, and they love nothing better than creating a special picture to hang on the fridge! From the same Djeco collection, the painting workshops include four illustrated templates and all the paints required to complete the stunning pictures. Similar to the ‘painting by numbers’ sets we played with as children, these modern crafts for kids appeal to teenagers just as much as the younger ones. Puppet making sets are perfect for building concentration levels and boosting hand-eye coordination, while being great fun to play with! Crafty Kids puppet sets are suitable for children as young as 4 years, and contain everything your kids need to build their very own puppets. From threading the pieces together, to finally painting the completed puppet, these sets provide hours of entertainment and appeal to children of all ages. Crafts for kids give us the perfect excuse to turn off the TV and encourage our children to use their imaginations and be creative – so stock up this winter and get ‘crafty’ with your kids.
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