With the advent of laptops and iPads, and children’s games getting more and more technological, it can be easy to forget about the more simple ways of learning and having fun with your kids (not to mention cheaper!). Painting is one of those activities that’s fun for all parties involved – parents included! The beauty with painting is the versatility and range of activities that you can do with just a tub of paint and some paper. Below are two of my favourites ways to get kids painting. Paint and Paper Probably the most simple of painting activities, get some pieces of A3 or A2 paper and stick them to the wall or floor, then get painting! This can be really good if you get stuck in with some finger paints, and is a great party activity if your little one has a few friends around. We also find gouache paints are great children’s paints as they dry very quickly, essential if you don’t want a multi coloured carpet! Gouache paints are also very tough, and can cope with being handled a lot, so there’s no worry that your child’s artwork will fade or get ruined with the passage of time. In fact, gouache paints have been around for over 800 years, testament to their quality! Painting Workshops These painting workshops from Djeco are an amazing way to really stimulate your child’s imagination and get them involved in experimenting with colours and paint. Each one features a beautifully designed graphic, with this Hide-And-Seek one being my favourite. It teaches children how to mix from the 3 primary colours, and they can create 8 different paintings that are certain to sit pride of place on the wall. Djeco paint workshops are really something special that isn’t often seen in children’s arts and crafts. So much work goes into making sure everything is perfect, from the impeccable illustration to the way they work and how they are used. We also stock Djeco puzzles and other Djeco products if you want to explore this incredible brand a bit further.

I hope these little activities will give you some ideas to get you and your child’s creativity flowing. Please let us know if there are any good painting activities you do with your little one’s!
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