We all want our children to be well mannered and well educated, and a great way to teach them is with the aid of educational toys. Suitable for toddlers right through to teenagers, educational toys come in a range of shapes and sizes, we just need to choose the right toys to stimulate our children. Role playing toys are perfect for the little ones who love nothing better than copying mum and dad. Cooking sets, tea sets and veterinary sets such as those found in the Djeco and Egmont collections are great for building hand-eye coordination, social and language skills, and our kids learn vital life lessons as they play. A perfect example is the simple wooden fruit and vegetable set by Djeco. Large pieces of fruit and Veg are cut into pieces and stuck together again with Velcro so that your children can practice their cutting skills with the rounded wooden knife. The larger pieces are perfect for tiny hands and your kids learn about colours and different fruits and vegetables as they play! A wonderful educational toy for children aged 3 years+; this sturdy wooden set will be played with over and over again. From the Egmont educational toy collection, the stunning Witches Tea Set is perfect for re-creating a tea party! Role-playing at its best, your children will love to make tea and cakes for all their dolls and teddies, and this complete set includes a teapot, teacups, saucers and a tray, which all pack away into a smart tin case. A wonderful birthday gift for any young child; just add some orange squash and cup cakes for an afternoon of fun! Educational toys give our children the best start in life, and role-playing is a whole lot of fun, so combine the two and you have the perfect gift for children.
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