If you are looking for an unusual soft toy, something a bit different from the standard teddy bear, then take a look at our delightful selection of RSPB birds by Wild Republic. Cute and cuddly replicas of the bird-life found in the UK, all the soft toys in this collection make an authentic, digitally reproduced bird-call when squeezed, and profits from every sale goes towards helping the RSPB carry on their conservation work. This lovely singing Song-Thrush looks just like the real thing. A soft toy that is both fun to play with and educational, this cute bird makes an authentic song thrush call and contains detailed information about the species and the habitat it lives in. The Mallard is perhaps to most well recognised bird amongst our toddlers, who love nothing better than feeding them in the park. This beautiful soft Mallard duck sounds just like the real thing when squeezed, and is sure to entertain your little ones for hours. A cute gift for any child, this bright yellow chick is extremely soft to the touch and makes a gentle chick call when squeezed. The attached label contains lots of information about chicks and the environment they live in, so your children will learn as they play. My favourite would have to be the beautiful red-breasted robin. Though we do not often see them at this time of year, they are present in the UK all year long and have a wonderful bird-call. This RSPB robin and all the other birds in the Wild Republic collection are beautiful soft toys that any child will love to call their own.
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