Soft toys seem to have been around forever and they are as popular today as they were when I was a child some 35 years ago. Cute, cuddly and available in a whole range of different shapes and sizes, soft toys appeal to both boys and girls, and make wonderful presents for every occasion. While teddy bears remain popular, unusual soft toys such as dolphins, sharks, birds and crochet dolls feature on just about every Birthday and Christmas wish list, and if you are struggling to find the perfect gift for a little one, a soft toy is always a good place to start. Wild Republic has created a wonderful collection of sea creatures such as turtles, sharks, hermit crabs and Manta Rays, which are perfect for children ages 3 years +. The Great White Shark in this soft toy collection features a row of ‘sharp’ white teeth, fins, and a long tail to look just like the real thing. Appealing to all the little boys out there, this delightful soft toy is just the right size for a big cuddle! Little girls just love the handmade crocheted dolls in the Sebra soft toy collection, with ‘Sarah’ doll being a firm favourite. With long dark hair and rosy red cheeks, Sarah doll is the perfect companion for road trips, and she can be dressed in a whole range of different outfits. A lovely gift for Birthdays, Sarah is handmade with soft wool so no two dolls are identical. Soft toys will always be popular, so treat your kids to one today and provide them with cuddles on demand!
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