Now it seems that we’re getting to the end of this awful torrential rain, we can start looking forward to the summer (Again!). I know that kids can’t wait to get to the beach on a sunny day, so before you go I just have to show you Sun-San’s incredible range of kids' sandals.

Salt-Water Originals Sandals - Shiny Yellow

Known as the Salt Water sandals, they were originally made back in 1940, in St Louis, America. Due to a shortage of leather caused by World War 2, a man named Walter Hoy used scraps left over from military boots to make sandals. Not long after, parents from all over were asking Walter to make sandals for their children. Nowadays, the sandals are more popular than ever. They get their name because they’re incredibly durable, even withstanding salt water. This is due to the leather being coated with a waterproof sealant and their buckles are rust-proof. Sun-San sandals also mould themselves to your children’s feet over time, making them exceptionally comfortable, and they’re easily adjusted for wide or narrow feet. This makes them simply perfect for long days on the beach, and their bright colours and stylish designs will be loved by even the most fashion-conscious children. Sun-San sandals have only just been brought over to the UK, and have only been on sale here since the summer of 2011. Worn by celebrity children across the US, they’re a fantastic combination of comfort, durability and style.
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