While many toys are considered “educational toys”, I believe those that teach our children to count, spell, and discover colours and shapes are the very best examples. Playing with fun building blocks, colourful letters and a multitude of other brightly coloured toys and shapes, will create hours of fun and entertainment, so they learn without even realising it. These beautifully illustrated “My Friends” stacking cubes are from Djeco’s Pre-School collection. Featuring 10 stacking cubes, each is a different size and carries four different illustrations:
  • One side of each cube has a number, from one through to 10, and a corresponding amount of fruit, so your child will learn 10 different numbers and 10 different types of fruit or vegetables.
  • Two sides feature brightly coloured, easily recognisable animals, such as dogs, rabbits, cats and elephants.
  • The fourth side features a tree; your child will learn to stack the cubes in order of size, to complete the final tree picture.
A great fun, safe and timeless educational game, it has no real rules to follow, making it suitable for children aged 12 months+. A great educational toy for older children (aged 5+), this great collection of magnetic letters are perfect for teaching them to spell out their name. Made from light wooden blocks, each features a brightly coloured letter of the alphabet. A small magnetic strip on the reverse allows your child to attach these letters to your fridge or any other magnetic surface, as they practice their spelling. Coming in a bright red storage bag, this set includes 60 letters, so you will have them spelling out “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” in no time! Great educational toys need not be complicated; in fact, they can be as easy as A, B, C!
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