There is nothing quite like a brand new Teddy Bear! Cute and cuddly, these soft toys make perfect gifts for children and adults of all ages, and they never go out of fashion. It is stated that the name 'Teddy Bear' dates back to 1902, when a political cartoon was released featuring an incident that happened while the late US President, Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, was on a bear-hunting trip. The cartoon caught the eye of one Morris Michtom, who was inspired to create a new toy - a little stuffed bear. He wanted to name the cute soft toys 'Teddy's bear' and sent one off to Roosevelt to get permission to use his name - and so the name 'Teddy Bear' was borne. These days Teddy Bears are mass produced, coming in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes they are often the first thing we buy for a newborn child. There is no finer example of a perfect Teddy Bear than those made by FLATOUT. Handmade from the finest 100% sheepskin these adorable soft toys have quite an A-list fan base.
Finalist in the Woman's Weekly Product of the year 2011, it is easy to see why these bears are award winning; with baby safe eyes and nose, these Australian made bears meet all international toy safety standards and are CE tested; they can be easily hand washed in warm water and dry back into shape. Furthermore FLATOUT Australia donates money directly to CEDAC (the Centre for Study and Cambodian Agricultural Development) a wonderful charity that helps the children of Cambodia, so you not only give a wonderful gift to your child, but you help out those less fortunate. FLATOUT bears are available in 2 different sizes and a variety of colours so take a look at our full range today.
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