While the weather may have really changed from yesterday, and we now have glorious sunshine, there’s still a definite chill in the air. Make sure that your kids are still wrapped up from the cold in these delightful new sweatshirts from Tootsa MacGinty.

Image of Ariel Jacquard Jumper - Ruby

This gorgeous jumper is my personal favourite. From the bright red colour, to the cute applique squirrel and acorn detail on the sleeve, it’s just delightful.

Image of Peace Sweatshirt - Sky Blue

Of course, if your kids like to be a little less “in your face”, then this gorgeous jumper will be perfect. Incredibly soft and comfortable, not to mention warm, it’s ideal to wear on those bright March days.

Image of Kelly Knitted Jumper - Periwinkle

Finally, the classic striped design on this lovely jumper means that it can be passed on to younger siblings and it will never look out of style. Tootsa MacGinty’s fantastic high quality ensures that this jumper can be enjoyed for years to come. All of these beautiful jumpers are soft and warm, and made from 100% cotton. Like most of Tootsa’s clothing, they’re also all suitable for either girls or boys. They’re even available in a range of different colours, too! They’re the perfect way to keep out the springtime chills!
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