Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Beasts

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Includes Magic Torch Which Illuminates More Than 50 Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Beasts

Journey back in time to the prehistoric world. Dim the light and shine your magic torch to see dinosaurs appear before your eyes...

Travel the globe, visiting some of its most famous fossil sites, on the trail of more than 50 prehistoric beasts that once roamed the earth. Search for the mighty T-rex in North America, take to the skies with the pterosaurs in Europe and be careful you dont get trampled by enormous sauropods in Australia.

Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Beasts is packed with dino facts, with a hidden layer only visible when you shine your magic torch. Let the adventure begin!

Written by Emily Hawkins, illustrated by Peng Yuna
Hardback; 256 x 310 mm (L); 40pp

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