3 Amazing Ways To Encourage Children To Enjoy Gardening

From 28th May until 5th June is Children’s National Gardening Week, and it's the perfect opportunity to get your kids out and about in the garden. The garden is a place to encourage all kinds of senses and unique experiences, allowing little ones to engage and discover many different kinds of wildlife, flowers and foliage. We know it can be extremely difficult to draw children away from the distractions of modern technology, but with our vast range of gardening toys, you’ll be struggling to get them back inside!

Sow Clever Grow Your Own Cornflower Mini Kit

The Sow Clever Grow Your Own Cornflower Mini Kit is the perfect place to start to introduce your children to the basics of gardening. This mini kit is an ideal place to start for young gardeners, containing:

  • 1x 100% biodegradable wood fibre tray, 9x peat-free compost discs, cornflower seed packets and an information card.

There are so many benefits for your children to be in the garden. The garden is an excellent place for children to engage with the art of gardening, providing them with the skill set to learn all about the sciences of nature. But that's not all, gardening also develops your little one's patience for caring for a small seed and allows them to later appreciate the plant in its final stage, making this kit a good place to start for those children seeking to learn more while outdoors.

Bigjigs Toys Multi View Magnifier

Kids are naturally intrigued with bugs and critters - some even have the urge to catch and examine them. Now they can, with our multi view magnifier. This toy is the perfect way to inspire any budding scientists to get out and look a little closer at the creatures of the undergrowth. Our magnifier provides a safe way for children as young as 3 years old to study bugs up close in an environment that does not harm the little creepy crawly! It also provides the opportunity for children to learn and ask questions like: “how many eyes has it got?”

Children are very observant and life is for learning. They are constantly trying to understand the world around them, so this magnifier will make the perfect addition to those wanting to explore the great outdoors.

Rex London Wonders Of Nature Flower Press

Another way for children to get involved in nature is to get a flower press. These presses provide an excellent opportunity for children to study and treasure various species of flowers. Flower pressing is a wonderful activity for children of any age to get closer to flowers, while also serving as a calming hobby in your household.

This wooden flower press gives you the opportunity to keep your favourite flowers forever. The press features:

  • Two press plates which tightens together with four nuts and bolts
  • Seven sheets of card and twelve sheets of white paper

This press also offers a chance for your children to participate in various crafts such as:

  • Flower pebbles
  • Decorating handmade cards and papercrafts
  • Creating wall art in your home
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