Behind The Scenes

First of all, why Behind the Scenes ?

Well, everyone else does About Us and we like to be a little bit different.

We’re a family-owned business run by us, Clair and Glenn.  We’re a hubby and wife duo with a passion for creating “stuff”.  A passion that lead us to believe that kids everywhere should enjoy having a go at making “stuff”. For us  “stuff” covers a multitude of things, but to
give you a brief insight in to what we really mean, in our distant pasts, Clair
used to be a Florist and Glenn was an Ice Sculptor.  Both of these jobs obviously gave us a lot of
scope for being creative, we worked at many weddings and events and saw lots of
work by fabulous creative people.

Even now we both still enjoy doing “stuff”, Clair will often go
and do a short course to learn a new craft skill and Glenn loves to be outdoors
in the garden planting or building something.

It's from here that we realised that kids stuck indoors behind
screens and phones often miss out on so much, learning to be creative with their
hands, their imaginations and learning skills for life.

Birdkids is all about “ proper toys”, you won’t see a battery or
a screen on our site.  What you will see
is lots of fun, lots of things that need creativity and lots of things that
need imagination.

So, how do we do it ?

Our Fab Stock - Clair chooses everything on
the site that we stock, she loves a catalogue and spends a lot of time finding
the best in traditional arts, crafts, games and toys that she can.  Things that she enjoyed doing when she was younger and to be honest, she still does.

Stocking the shelves -  When all the lovely stock arrives at our
warehouse, we unpack it and stock it onto our shelves, no teams of warehouse
staff, just us for now, but that’s ok, our daughter helps us on her days off
and at weekends if we’re busy !

Order processing - Glenn does that bit, checking
who wants super fast delivery, who needs a Gift Card added to their order, who
put the wrong delivery address on their order and has emailed in and wants it
changed, all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

Picking your orders – That’s Clairs’ bit, she knows
every inch of the warehouse, all 1500 sq.ft of it, and knows where every item is,
and there’s a lot, almost 2,000 items !  When she picks your order, she ticks each item on your order so nothing gets missed.  It’s not rocket science, but it works.

Packing your order -  We both do that !  Every order we pack is different, so we do
our best to pack it so that your order arrives in perfect condition, with as
little unnecessary packaging as possible. 
It’s a tricky balance though, a bit too much and your parcel will look
huge for what it is, too little and the good ole postie will drop it on your
doorstep and accidently damage it.

Customer Service -  Talking of accidental damage, if it does
happen ( which it does occasionally ) just get in touch with an email or phone
call, we’ll sort it out for you.  When we’re
not at the warehouse, we’re often on the pc at home, so don’t be surprised if
an email pops in to your inbox from one of us one evening if you’ve sent an email
with a “Customer Service” enquiry.  Anything
you need help with, just email us, and one of us will do our best to try and
help you, it’s what we call, good old fashioned customer service.

So that’s us, behind the scenes….

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