4 Reasons To Get Your Kids Outdoors, And Why It Matters
There are very few things as eye opening as seeing your child enjoying a beautiful meadow, playing in a stream and engaging in the purist form of play...simply having fun in nature! Getting away from the noise and restrictive structures of the modern world can really open your child's eyes to new experiences. Birdkids have put together our favourite reasons why you should be getting your kids outdoors more and enjoying the eye-opening and inspiring world of nature. Nature Is The Realm Of Imagination Getting your children interested in the natural world from a young age will spark an enthusiasm and a curiosity for the wider world. Youngsters soak up powerful experiences and memories when they're younger and during these formative years the awe of nature can really make an indelible impact. Running through open fields and playing in parks, woodlands and countryside hills will develop their mind and creativity - helping you and your child discover new things for the first time, making you open to weekends and holidays filled with adventure and bringing your family closer together. It Frees You Of Distraction The age of smart phones, tablets and other technological distractions can be diverting and even educative but they are no substitute for first hand experiences. Limiting the use of electronic devices will leave your child open to thinking, feeling and understanding more about the world around them. Nowadays our minds are very rarely quiet and our attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter due to the constant stimulation of technology. Enjoying the spectacular scenery of nature helps us to be more present - living in the moment - and enjoying the here and now. So the next time you plan a countryside walk, leave the tablet at home and simply allow your little ones to enjoy staring out of the car window - letting them observe and develop their own creative ideas and thoughts without anything disturbing them. Get Reading! Sometimes you can't always be out enjoying the great outdoors, so if it's raining or your kids aren't in the mood, why not get them into nature themed literature? From Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book to The Lord of the Rings for slightly older children to Owl Moon by Jane Yolen for the little ones, enjoying the landscape of language and adventure is something you don't even have to leave your living room for! Learn About The Stars On those clear nights, wrap up warm, head out with a blanket and a telescope and marvel at the magnificent starry sky. You and your kids can learn about constellations, planets and other celestial bodies with the aid of a good star gazers book. Your children will begin to asks questions about the galaxy we live in, the mysteries of the universe and other thought-provoking questions that have captivated scientists and literary figures for years. Are you getting your kids interested in nature and the great outdoors? If so, let us know on our Facebook & Twitter pages!
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